Are you a dental professional who feels stuck, burnt out, and frustrated with dentistry or your life?
Do you constantly feel annoyed by your work? Maybe you feel pulled in all directions and want to relax, but you just can’t — no matter how hard you try. Perhaps you have a short fuse that seems to ignite into a blaze of anger at the smallest of things.
Let’s face it. Dentistry is a stressful and isolating profession, and the world today isn’t making the job easier. There’s no doubt work stress can impact your total well-being outside the four walls of your office.
If the pressures of dentistry are stripping your life of the fun and enjoyment you always wanted, you deserve better.
You deserve to stop surviving and start thriving.
A life coach can help. No matter what is getting in your way, a life coach can help you get unstuck. They can help you assess what you really want in life, get your energy and enthusiasm back, and take control, so you can enjoy your life and work again.