“A few years ago, I was in a very dark place. I was questioning my place in the profession. I had significant imposter syndrome, anxiety, regret, and physical pain.”

“However, I took action and made the necessary changes to overcome a lot of my stress and get back to enjoying going to work every day, and you can, too.”

Dr. Eric Block is a full-time practicing dentist in Acton, Massachusetts, husband, and father of two kids. He graduated from the Nova Southeastern College of Dental Medicine in 2002 and then completed a 2-year Implantology Residency at Boston University in 2004.

He speaks on clinical workflows, techniques, digital dentistry, practice management, and health and wellness.

He is the Co-founder of the International Academy of Dental Life Coaches or IADLC.com. This organization is dedicated to supporting dental professionals and their well-being through the help of life coaches.

He is the former Chairman of the Health and Wellness Committee for the Massachusetts Dental Society and a Wellness Ambassador to the American Dental Association.

Dr. Block also loves helping dentists by speaking, writing, and interviewing dental industry leaders on his podcast, The Stress-Free Dentist Show.

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