Are You Interested In Your Patients?

How do you know when someone cares about you? From giving a thoughtful gift to spending time listening to someone, people show that they care in different ways. Knowing how to show patients that you truly care about them is something every practice needs to master in order to succeed. Why Do I Need to […] Read More

Keys To Success With Everyday General Dentistry

In this blog post, I will cover how I use workflows and a sound hygiene system to facilitate success in my general dental practice. Stable clinical and practice management systems are vital to ensure that your dental team does not feel burned out and the procedures are done accurately. Importance of Morning Huddles A quick […] Read More

A Conversation with Dr. Eric Block about Top Innovations in Dentistry

Staying updated on dental technology makes you a better dentist, makes your work much more fun, re-energizes you, reduces burnout, and certainly wows patients. Intra-oral scanners and Digital Impressions Digital scanning can make the entire prosthetic process much more accurate and quick, and there’s less cross-contamination when dealing with saliva or a bloody impression; the […] Read More

Love Your Dental Practice: A Conversation between Dr. Laura Mach and Dr. Eric Block

Getting Started in Dentistry During our podcast episode, Dr. Mach tells her about her journey in dentistry and how she started as a dental assistant before becoming a dentist herself. She owns her practice in Iowa Going Out of Network Dr. Mach recently transitioned to a fee-for-service model, which has been challenging but rewarding. In […] Read More

The Business of Happiness – A Conversation with Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy

Part -01 Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy is an Orthodontist in Maine, founding member of host of her own podcast, and founder of where she helps empower healthcare professionals to live more fully. Her Journey into Dentistry Dr. MacCarthy chose dentistry as a career because she fell in love with that beautiful marriage of artistry […] Read More

The Business of Happiness – A Conversation with Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy

Part -02 What are the biggest challenges for dentists right now in terms of their own happiness? Dr. MacCarthy answered, “I think it’s the external validation.  I think it’s that we’re so focused on needing our patient’s approval, needing our community’s approval, our colleagues’ approval, chasing that next thing on always looking for our bank […] Read More

Adapting to Change: How Hybrid Work Schedules Transform Dental Care

The Great Return Whether it’s for an emergency or recall visit, many patients are just now returning for their dental care.  Even years later, for some patients, their dental care just dropped off their radar and was forgotten about, and they are just now booking their return visits and getting back into the swing of […] Read More