In this episode, Karen Tindall and Laura Schwindt open up about their individual journeys into dentistry, revealing the personal motivations that ignited their passion for the field. Their stories lay the foundation for a discussion that unfolds organically, showcasing the serendipitous connection that brought them together. Learn about the genesis of their collaboration and the shared values that underpin their dynamic partnership in the dental world.

Delve into the creation of The Mint Door Club, a platform born out of Karen and Laura’s dedication to the holistic well-being of dental professionals. The episode unfolds the inspiration behind its inception and the unique offerings it brings to the dental community. At the core of their philosophy is the concept of holistic well-being, explored in-depth to convey its significance beyond clinical expertise, encompassing the overall health and happiness of practitioners. Discover how The Mint Door distinguishes itself in the realm of dental coaching and gain insights into their personalized consultation process, offering practitioners a path to a balanced and fulfilling career. 

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00:13 – Introduction to the episode
  • 00:01:23 – Introducing the guest
  • 00:01:56 – How Karen and Laura first got involved in Dentistry
  • 00:03:55 – How Karen and Laura met
  • 00:04:53 – The birth of The Mint Door Club
  • 00:06:53 – What is The Mint Door Club
  • 00:09:36 – What is holistic wellbeing
  • 00:13:43 –  How The Mint Door stands out from other coaches
  • 00:14:48 – The consultation process
  • 00:21:50 – How to find out more about The Mint Door Club
  • 00:22:40 – Advice for young dental professionals
  • 00:25:11 – Outro


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