In this episode, we’re joined by Brannon Moncrief, CEO of McLerran & Associates, as we delve into the question many dentists ponder – “Should I Partner with a DSO?” Join us on this insightful journey as Brannon shares his personal entry into dentistry, the motivations behind dentists selling their practices, the growing trend of affiliating with Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), and the pros and cons of such partnerships.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner evaluating your career or a young dentist exploring potential paths, this episode serves as a valuable resource, providing insights into the critical question – “Should I Partner with a DSO?” – and navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving dental landscape.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00:13 – Introduction to the Stress-Free Dentist Podcast
  • 00:00:30 – Resources for dentists
  • 00:00:56 – Book your complimentary marketing strategy meeting
  • 00:01:23 – Introduction to the episode
  • 00:02:00 – How Brannon Moncrief got involved in dentistry
  • 00:03:08 – The reason why dentists are looking to sell their practice
  • 00:05:06 – Why dentists are affiliating with DSOs
  • 00:07:38 – How a young dentist can benefit from a DSO
  • 00:09:00 – Brannon Moncrief’s definition of a DSO
  • 00:10:30 – When do dentists seek for help with a DSO
  • 00:12:15 – Problems that dentists have with DSOs
  • 00:15:20 – Why a dentist should affiliate with a DSO
  • 00:21:23 – Why there are so many private equity money in dentistry
  • 00:26:30 – How to get a hold of Brannon
  • 00:26:55 – Advice for young dental professionals
  • 00:29:15 – Outro


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