IIn this episode, Dr. Block is privileged to host Dr. Bob Pick, CEO of The Pick Group and Progressive Periodontics & Implants.

Dr. Pick offers a glimpse into the nature of his practice, sharing the distinctive features that define his approach to dentistry. Discover the unique characteristics that set his practice apart and gain insights into the principles that contribute to its success. Learn about the strategies, mindset, and critical moments that led his practice to success, providing listeners with valuable lessons applicable to their professional journeys.

The episode concludes with an exploration of the pre-clinical interview, explaining its significance in establishing a strong patient-dentist relationship and laying the foundation for successful clinical outcomes. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a dental professional hoping to refine your practice management skills, this episode is a must-listen.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00:13 – Introduction to the Stress-Free Dentist Podcast
  • 00:00:30 – Resources for dentists
  • 00:00:56 – Book your complimentary marketing strategy meeting
  • 00:01:23 – Introduction to the episode
  • 00:03:00 – Purple Cow Wow
  • 00:06:00 – What kind of practice does Dr. Pick have
  • 00:16:15 – What elevated Dr. Pick’s practice
  • 00:23:45 – How do you know if you have the right team
  • 00:27:05 – What is a pre-clinical interview
  • 00:14:08 – How many emergency visits do dentists get
  • 00:34:18 – How to get a hold of Dr. Pick
  • 00:35:00 – The biggest stressors for dentists
  • 00:39:30 – Outro


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