Laura Nelson has committed years of study to learn how to manage and empower team members and is the founder of Front Office Rocks, the leader in on-demand training for dental practices. Laura witnessed first-hand that continual training was missing in the dental practice and built Front Office Rocks to be a 24/7 virtual resource for dental practices and offers training for the entire team.

In today’s episode, Laura Nelson discusses with Dr. Eric Block many interesting topics such as the role of an office manager at the practice, support resources for office managers, and dealing with conflict at the dental office.

Laura also explains why it’s essential to train your team members not only on “How to do a task/process” but also on “Why they are doing it”. She also explains why it’s important to keep your team happy and motivated. Laura also provides valuable advice to young dental professionals and young entrepreneurs.

You can contact Laura Nelson through Laura also has her own YouTube channel Front Office Rocks Laura Nelson.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00:34 – Introducing our guest, Laura Nelson
  • 00:02:03 – How Dr. Block got introduced to Laura and how it changed his way of learning about dentistry
  • 00:03:48 – How Laura got into dentistry and the origin of  “Front Office Rocks”
  • 00:06:34 – What makes a good teacher/trainer?
  • 00:07:42 – Is Front Office Rocks for all dental team members?
  • 00:10:21 – AADOM Fellowship – A Resource and Support for Office Managers
  • 00:11:35 – Breaking down the dental office manager’s role at the office
  • 00:15:00 – How does an office manager deal with drama and conflict at the dental office
  • 00:18:00 – Is burn-out and wrong hiring decisions increasing in a post-covid world?
  • 00:21:07 – How to keep your team happy?
  • 00:24:45 – Laura Nelson’s advice to young dental professionals and young entrepreneurs
  • 00:28:03 – How to contact Laura Nelson

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