In today’s world, it’s essential to utilize digital marketing to promote your dental practice. A significant number of new patients will find you through a search engine, and with the right tools, you can encourage them to choose your practice out of your competitors.

In this episode, Dr. Eric Block interviews Naren Arulrajah, the CEO of Ekwa Marketing, to find out how digital marketing plays a major role in dentistry. They also discuss Google tools, the protocols you should follow to maximize the digital marketing of your dental website.

Listen to this insightful episode and learn the digital marketing tactics to increase your practice patients!

3 Value Takeaways

  1. Role of Digital Marketing in Dentistry: It’s all about helping your patients find you and then helping them choose you.
  2. Google Tools you can use: Google is the largest search browser in the world. Google also offers various tools to ensure that your business is found and chosen by potential customers! As a dental practice owner, you can use these Google tools to increase your number of new patients. The Google tools essential for a dental practice are explained in this episode.
  3. Responsible Dental websites: Dental practice websites fall under ‘Healthcare websites’ in Google. People around the world can access your website. People may act on it when you provide any sort of information, advice related to dental care. Hence, it is best if you are cautious of what you add to your website. By listening to this episode, you will get an idea of maintaining a trustworthy dental website.


  • 00:03:14 – Digital marketing and dentistry
  • 00:04:35 – Google traffic you get
  • 00:06:30 – What’s NAP in Google?
  • 00:09:09 – Importance of Keywords
  • 00:11:40 – Lighthouse score
  • 00:14:11 – How to avoid the ‘Google jail’
  • 00:16:16 – Google EAT update
  • 00:28:43 – Digital Marketing support from Ekwa


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