Dr. Soboh received his DDS degree from the University of Jordan in 1999. He received certification from the American National Dental Board in 2001 and has been practicing dentistry in the state of California since 2002.

Dr. Soboh started treating TMJ/TMD and headache patients in 2008. The great stories of successful treatment and appreciation by patients, who have been looking for relief from their pain, encouraged us to pursue this path and focus our practice on this field of dentistry.

Dr. Soboh has received extensive training at the prestigious LVI (Las Vegas Institute) TMJ and Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Dr. Soboh works very closely with a circle of doctors from different specialties (neurologists, family physicians, general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons…etc) who refer their patients to Dr. Soboh, to make sure that they are treated to the best medical and dental approaches available.

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