Want to learn how to drive your dental practice profitability by creating value? Then this is the podcast episode you must listen to! Dr. Eric Block and Sean Crabtree talk about all the matters regarding dental practice profitability that business strategies can drive.

Sean Crabtree is a business strategist and he has 23+ years of experience working with dentists. He closely works with the dentist and the dental team to find out what they want, builds a strategy that drives them towards achieving their goals, drives the dental practice members to create value, and ultimately drives the practice profitability.
By listening to this episode, you will learn the importance of implementing a business strategy to drive your practice profitability, how to do so and how to align your expectations with practice goals.

3 Value Takeaways

  1. The dental practice is the vehicle: The dentist and the dental team want to fulfill different needs by working in the dental practice. Sean Crabtree believes that the dental practice is the vehicle that drives the dentist and the dental team to fulfill their wants.
  2. Tracking the right numbers: Every dental practice can reach its highest potential by tracking the right numbers! If certain areas can or need to be improved, you can easily identify them by keeping track of the important numbers in a dental practice. Listen to this episode to find out what you should track in your practice.
  3. Sharing the vision: The dentist and team members must share the same vision to achieve the practice goals. Once each and every team member understands the practice vision, they will align their effort to ensure that they help achieve the practice goals.


  • Brief introduction of the guest
  • Everybody wants something differently
  • New patient addiction
  • Tracking the numbers
  • Sharing the vision

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