Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS, MS, is a world-renowned TMJ and Sleep Specialist with practices in New York City and White Plains. Dr. Gelb is the co-author of GASP: Airway Health- The Hidden Path to Wellness and the co-founder of The Foundation for Airway Health and The American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry. Dr. Michael Gelb is dedicated to improving his patients’ health by reducing pain, restoring refreshing sleep and transforming lives.

In today’s episode, listen to Dr. Michael Gelb discuss with Dr. Eric Block how to Make an impact by helping your patients breathe better!

Dr. Gelb discusses how he came to focus on Orofacial Pain issues and treatments mainly. He also discusses the importance of diagnosing Sleep Apnea and Airway issues in the early stages. Dr. Gelb also explains how often the TMJ/TMD issues turn out to be Airway issues in adults and the importance of using night guards properly.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00:36 – Introducing our guest, Dr. Michael Gelb
  • 00:01:25 – Dr. Gelb talks about his practices and what his practices focus on
  • 00:04:18 – How did Dr.Gelb decide that he is going to focus on OroFacial Pain mainly
  • 00:06:08 – What changed in 1990 in regards to Sleep Apnea?
  • 00:08:49 – Does Dr. Gelb get a lot of negative pushback from the industry?
  • 00:12:03 – When the TMJ/TMD issues turned out to be Airway issues
  • 00:16:28 – How often do the TMJ/TMD issues turn out to be Airway issues in adults?
  • 00:19:26 – If patients show symptoms of airway issues, how does Dr. Gelb handle the treatment process?
  • 00:21:17 – Dr.Gelb explains the importance of using the modern night guards properly and preventing the tongue from falling back
  • 00:26:19 – Dr. Gelb’s advice to young dentists and young entrepreneurs

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