In this episode, Dr. Joanne Block joins Dr. Eric Block to share advice for young dentists out there. 

If you’re a dentist just starting out, or even if you’re a well-experienced dentist wanting to transform the way you engage in dentistry, this episode is a must-listen! 

Dr. Joanne Block Rief’s career in dentistry started at the young age of 13; she helped her father in his practice in Annapolis. This experience sparked her passion for dentistry and helping people with dental diseases, leading her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene in 1982. During her summers in dental hygiene school, she worked for many offices as a dental receptionist and dental assistant and even worked for a dental staffing agency.

Dr. Joanne graduated from The University of Maryland School of Dentistry with high honors in 1986 and became the third-generation dentist in her family. She practiced with her father and mother (who was the office manager) for 18 years, commuting from Owings Mills to Annapolis. In 2004, she and her family decided that she needed a change, and she purchased a small dental practice seven minutes from home and seven minutes from her children’s school.

Since then, her practice, Crossroads Dental Arts, has evolved and grown over the years. Their state-of-the-art facility allows them to give patients the best possible dental care.

By listening to this episode, you will learn about how to use internal marketing, external marketing, and ground marketing in your dental practice without spending too much money and how you can now use social media marketing to get new patients into your dental practice. Dr. Joanne also shares how she created her dream practice with the right team growth. You will also learn the importance of having sufficient experience to do things like implants in your practice to make your patients’ lives better.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00:37 – Introduction to the episode
  • 00:01:15 – Background of Dr. Joanne Block
  • 00:02:39 – How Dr. Joanne got involved with dentistry
  • 00:09:02 – Creating your dream practice with the right team
  • 00:10:42 – How marketing helps a dental practice
  • 00:14:47 – Pivoting in dentistry


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