Dr. Kianor Shah is a Dentist, Entrepreneur, Visionary, and he truly believes that dentists should be like a family that sticks together. In this episode, Dr. Kianor joins Dr. Eric Block to discuss the need for dentists to collaborate and create a worldwide dental community to eliminate the negative impact of third parties.

There used to be a system for dentists to come out of school, join a senior colleague, learn the hoops, make mistakes, pick up on tricks and tips, and eventually purchase a practice. But, unfortunately, while dentists were doing all that and taking care of patients, third parties came in and messed up this equation, the harmony in the healthcare industry.
These third parties want to control present-day dentists because they want more for themselves. To decrease the influence of these third parties, we as a part of the dental community need to re-innovate ourselves and collaborate to create a worldwide community.

You can learn more about achieving that goal by listening to this episode!


  • Intro to the episode
  • How the equation has changed
  • These changes are by design
  • Where can dentists get business training?
  • The third parties need to control
  • Doctor-to-Doctor movement
  • Advice to young dentists

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