In this episode, Dr. Eric Block is joined by Steve Messineo, and they discuss the IT support your dental practice requires.
Managing the computers network, servers, Microsoft 365 really helps your dental practice computers perform the right way, gives you the right amount of support. This helps you eliminate productivity issues, downtime issues. You can also ensure that your practice data is backed up correctly, and most importantly, you can protect your computers from cyber threats.

Listen to this episode to learn how to use IT support to grow your dental practice!

3 Value Takeaways

  1. Dental practice IT support: With the help of IT support in the dental practice, you and your team can increase productivity, eliminate downtime issues, avoid cyber attacks. Listen to this episode and find out why you need IT support.
  2. Choosing the right systems: Every practice requires different IT tools to increase productivity. You will learn about computers network, cloud servers, local servers, to various software in this episode, and Steve also shares what you should opt-in for, based on the unique needs of your practice.
  3. Avoiding ransomware: Cyber attacks are common in today’s cyber world. You or one of your team members may mistakenly expose yourself to a cyber attack. Hence, in this episode, Steve Messineo discusses what you should do to avoid such cyber attacks and how to deal with one in case you mistakenly experience one.


  • IT Management benefits
  • Cloud server vs. Local server
  • Avoiding ransomware
  • Establishing protocols in the practice
  • Source of new patients
  • Dealing with ransomware

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