Your website should reflect what’s happening in your dental practice. What goes internally should be shown on your website so that the external world gets to know more about what you do even before taking a call to your practice.

Your patients know more about the potential dental services they would get by visiting your dental office, which influences them to visit your practice among all the other practices in your community. Doing this will also encourage you to update your website with new images continuously and content that will transform your website into an optimized website that Google loves!

In this episode, Ali describes how The Doc Sites is a cost-effective way for dentists and doctors to establish a professional web presence by utilizing dozens of pre-made website designs modified for their practice. These websites have everything a doctor or dentist needs to flourish online. Aside from that, he highlights the importance of marketing in the dental industry and how crucial it is to attract new patients in the current century.

Ali Soufi is CEO of The Doc Sites, founded in 2015. Ali has extensive expertise in the internet world. He began his career in the early 2000s developing software products and designing user interfaces before moving his attention to Internet Marketing. Ali has been involved in thousands of web marketing projects since then. He established skills in Website Design and Development in addition to his competence in these parts of Internet development and marketing, and his colleagues refer to him as “the Swiss Army knife” because of his depth of knowledge and dexterity in all facets of the business.

Tune into this insightful episode to see why Marketing presence is essential for your practice and to grab the exclusive deal offered by the DocSites for our listeners.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:36 – Introduction to the episode
  • 01:12 – How ‘’The DocSites’’ was started
  • 02:46 – What makes DocSites different from others
  • 06:08 – How often updating the website is recommended
  • 08:00 – Why Google loves optimized websites
  • 09:45 – How marketing helps a dental practice
  • 11:23 – Difference between doing your own website and getting professional support
  • 14:52- How patients get influenced by your website
  • 16:21 – Is social media presence compulsory for all practices
  • 19:08 – Exclusive offer from The Doc Sites in collaboration with DealsForDentists
  • 20:18 – Word of advice for young entrepreneurs


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