Optimizing Productivity: Strategies for Dentists and Hygienists to Have an Efficient Day with Dr. Eric Block

Optimizing Productivity: Strategies for Dentists and Hygienists to Have an Efficient Day with Dr. Eric Block

If you’ve ever felt the pressures of back-to-back appointments, or just need some fresh strategies to enhance your practice, this course is for you!

Here’s a sneak peek at the top 3 things you’ll learn:

1. Mastering Morning Huddles:

Discover the essential elements of an effective morning huddle. Dr. Block will guide you through how to prep your team for the day, review schedules, share updates, and even sneak in some educational snippets on dental procedures. It’s all about starting the day on the right foot and setting your team up for success.

2. Enhancing Patient Communication:

Learn the art of clear and empathetic communication with your patients. From discussing the risks and benefits of treatments to utilizing wellness scans for education, Dr. Block shares his expert tips on making every patient feel heard and understood. Plus, get handy advice on using layman’s terms and leveraging videos to explain procedures.

3. Implementing Efficient Systems and Tools:

Efficiency is key! Dr. Block dives deep into the best practices for organization in your dental office. Level up with tips on color-coding, labeling, and maintaining an ample inventory to avoid delays. Plus, discover modern equipment that reduces strain and enhances your practice’s overall productivity.

Curious to see how this course can transform your practice?

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